Harborough explorer Ed Stafford is back on TV tonight - with just a pair of shorts and a camera

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Harborough explorer Ed Stafford is back on TV tonight (Thursday) with his intrepid survival series Marooned.

The just-married 40-year-old adventurer is basically dropped into a wilderness with nothing but a pair of shorts, a camera and an optimistic attitude.

From there it’s raw survival for Ed, who when he is not in the middle of the wilderness lives in Hallaton.

“For these three new programmes I’m marooned in Patagonia in Argentina, an island in the Philippines and Norway, in the Arctic Circle - although they did allow me a few more clothes for that one” Ed told The Mail.

It’s Patagonia tonight in the Discovery Channel series, with Ed getting both frozen and sunburnt.

“I’d forgotten, because it was cold, that sunburn could be a problem - so that was a bit humbling” he admitted.

“The river had to be my main source of food, and the method I used to catch fish was tickling them!”

Was it successful? “You’ll have to watch” said Ed. “I don’t want to give too much away!”

Later in the series, he’s dropped at the top of a snowy Norwegian mountain in the Arctic Circle.

“That was scary” said Ed. “I spent the first day walking down to tree level.

“By the time I got there it was too dark to find stuff to make a fire and I didn’t want to freeze to death so I stayed awake all night, walking round and doing press-ups!”

So is Ed’s recent marriage going to change his attitude to exploration?

“I don’t think I’ve been too reckless for a while” he claimed.

“Walking the Amazon on my own was quite reckless, but I no longer have the need to show how tough I am!”

The new series of Marooned with Ed Stafford starts on the Discovery Channel tonight (Thursday) at 9pm.