See Bolshoi Ballet and RSC in Harborough


There is a chance to see two of the world’s leading entertainment producers without leaving Market Harborough on Sunday October 16,

There will be screenings of the Bolshoi Ballet’s show The Golden Age at 4pm followed by the Royal Shakespeare’s Company’s performance of Cymbeline starting at 7.30pm to be shown at Harborough Theatre.

The Golden Age makes for an original, colourful, and dazzling show with its jazzy score and music-hall atmosphere.

In a seaside town where business and the Mafia are flourishing, the Golden Age cabaret is the favourite nightly haunt of dancers, bandits and young revelers. The young fisherman, Boris, falls in love with Rita, a beautiful dancer, but she is also the friend of a local gangster.

Cymbeline is a tale of romance of power, jealousy, love and reconciliation.

Troubled Cymbeline rules a divided Britain. Two sons were stolen in infancy, the only surviving heir to the throne being Imogen, but Imogen has secretly married her commoner sweetheart, Posthumus. Enraged Cymbeline banishes Posthumus to Rome. From there he is tricked into an impulsive, jealous plan to have her murdered.

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