Review - Season's Greetings at Harborough Theatre

Season's Greetings
Season's Greetings

Mention the name Alan Aykbourn and most theatregoers will show enthusiasm and associate it with a good time.

Harborough Theatre’s production of Season’s Greetings did not disappoint and included some cracking performances.

It centred around a festive family get-together, which ended up anything but festive.

The cast of nine each had clearly drawn and contrasting characters, which were at times hilarious and yet sad if you scratched below the surface.

Rod Scribbins as obnoxious Uncle Harvey and Barbara Lloyd as alcoholic Phyllis, stood out. The former was consistently revolting, yet funny, and the latter squeezed out every ounce of alcohol-infused humour.

Real-life couple James and Kay Carpenter played party hosts Neville and Belinda convincingly, displaying a myriad of emotions.The arrival of Clive the author, played solidly by Nick Saint, heralded trouble, which led to an hilarious scene under the Christmas tree.

Tony Price as Bernard, and Julie Stanwell as a whining friend, excelled in the hilarious puppet show. Helen Foreman was appealing in her emotional mess and Ian Spencer gave a beautifully laid-back performance as Eddie.

Directed by Sue Waller, this was great entertainment.