Review - Pink Mist at Harborough Theatre

Rehearsals for Pink Mist
Rehearsals for Pink Mist

I have always felt slightly uncomfortable with the military ceremony and uniforms of Remembrance Sunday.

With the best will in the world, it seems to gloss over the full horrors of war and its ramifications.

That could not be said about Harborough Theatre’s remarkable production of Pink Mist last week.

Owen Sheers’ poetic script told the story of three young men deployed to Afghanistan and how, on their return, they and their women coped with the aftermath, both physical and psychological.

Superbly cast and directed by Christine Richardson, the production was poignant, moving and thought-provoking in equal measure.

Joe Goatley played Arthur, the first of the trio of Army volunteers.

He was quickly joined by Taff (Matt Reeve) and Hads (Alistair Beeson). Totally secure in their roles, they each grasped and projected the meatiness, yet delicacy of the words.

Their women Gwen (Kyle Eastwood), Lisa (Sarah Parker) and Sarah (Sheena Easton) were played strongly and credibly, adding a slight softness to a hard-hitting script.

Wednesday’s audience seemed spellbound, hanging on every word delivered by this talented young cast.

Pink Mist can be seen until Saturday November 19. For more details or to book tickets visit