Neverland comes to Lutterworth

Peter Pan
Peter Pan

The stars of the future will be out in force as some talented youngsters from Lutterworth College will be putting on  a new adaptation of the J M Barrie classic Peter Pan.

The show will be performed at the college on Friday May 12 starting at 7.30pm

The show starts in London’s Boarding School for Children, run by the lovely Mrs New.

The Darling family children take up residence throughout term time along with other children, some friends, some foes.

Each day is more of the same until one night, when the large clock strikes two, a very lost boy and his mischievous, magical friend clamber into the Darling children’s’ room.

They have intention of recruiting as many children as possible to their Lost Boy gang when they return home to Neverland.

The Darling children, eager with excitement at the prospect of a life with no adults and no rules follow Peter and Tinkerbell to the second star on the right to start their new life in this magical world beyond the stars.

All is not as well as it seems when they arrive though and as the magical world takes a darker turn and a band of pirates are there at every corner.

The children and the Lost Boys soon find themselves having to make the decisions meant only for grown-ups.

What will become of the Darling children when there are jealous Fairies, bewitched Mermaids, vengeful Pirates, hungry crocodiles and a boy who will never grow up around them?

The show primarily features cast members who will be currently taking a break from doing their A Levels.

Of the 22 cast members, there are eight students from Year 13, five from Year 12 and nine youngsters ranging frin Year 7 to 11,

Tickets for the show are £7 for adults and £5 for concessions.

Readers can follow the show’s progress as it goes through rehearsals on social media.

People can search Facebook for TripudioDanceCo and can search for the same name on both Instagram and Twitter.

Tickets are available from Student reception and Laurels reception or you can purchase by phone on 01455 554101