Market Harborough set for nights of laughter at the theatre

Another Fine Mess
Another Fine Mess

There will be two very different nights of laughter coming to Harborough Theatre before the end of the month.

The first of these is a special Ha Ha Harborough which will be preview of acts due to go up to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival which takes place on Thursday July 14.

The second sees comedy return to a more innocent age as the work of silent screen stars Laurel and Hardy is celebrated on Saturday July 23.

The Ha Ha Harborough event will see Nick Revell line up with his new show, the catchily named Gluten-Free Christ; Seven Easy Steps to Mindfulness, Weight-Loss, Eternal Beauty, Spiritual Detox, Untold Riches, and Dealing with Disappointment.

In addition, the Scottish Falsetto Socket Puppet Theatre Company do Shakespeare to mark the 400th anniversary of his death in the way that only the sock puppets can.

Howl at their Hamlet, roar at their Romeo and Juliet, and peer into their Coriolanus in this brand new show complete with songs, sketches and of course socks.

Introduced as usual by the club’s regular compere Alan Seaman. Tickets for the night of comedy are £8. To reserve in advance email or by texting 07804 563371

A week later, the multiple-award-winning theatre company, Northampton-based White Cobra Productions, are performing Another Fine Mess featuring Laurel and Hardy at the start of a national tour, also culminating at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August.

In the play, written by Gillian Plowman, we meet Stephen and Phil, whose tribute act to Laurel and Hardy includes some of the duo’s classic sketches.

But as Stephen and Phil rehearse in the back room of a pub, real life intervenes.

A shocking revelation from Phil strains their relationship, possibly to destruction.

Another Fine Mess is part of a double bill of plays. The accompanying play is Housebound by Simon Mawdsley. It involves a man in a mask and a woman in real trouble.

The show starts at 7.45pm and tickets cost between £9 and £10. To book visit

For more details about either show visit