Life of music hall star played at Harborough

The Little Bit The Boys Admire
The Little Bit The Boys Admire

Norfolk based theatre company Broad Horizons are on the road again this autumn with an exciting new play about the life of music hall star Marie Lloyd.

The Little Bit The Boys Admire features plenty of music when it comes to Harborough Theatre on Saturday March 11.

The Little Bit The Boys Admire --- The Marie Lloyd Story by John Mangan

The Little Bit The Boys Admire --- The Marie Lloyd Story by John Mangan

It is 1922 and Marie Lloyd is being given a benefit concert. Quite unexpectedly, she is joined by her greatest rival, cross-dressing male-impersonator, Vesta Tilley. They have never been friends.

As the play moves between Marie's dressing room and the music hall stage, the audience learn not just about Marie’s amazing, if chequered, life, but also about Vesta, the Music Hall Strike of 1907, Marconi and even Dr Crippen.

In this swift moving show, as well playing themselves, Vesta also becomes the men in Marie's life and Marie becomes the other women.

In true Music Hall fashion, Marie and Vesta will sing many of their most famous songs such as Don't Dilly Dally, A Bit Of A Ruin That Cromwell Knocked About and Piccadilly Johnny.

And if you are one of those people who can't help breaking into song in the middle of a musical, well there is no fears that you will be discouraged by a steward or a tutting audience member as the cast will positively expect people to join in.

Broad Horizons always try to support local talent and venues. This tour is no exception, with Norfolk based actors Judi Daykin as Marie Lloyd and Karen Hill as Vesta Tilley.

A spokesman for the company said: "Norwich based author John Mangan once again joins us to provide this stunning new script.

"We are all delighted to be visiting the Harborough Theatre for the first time, as we think is vitally important to support local venues and audiences and we love to make new friends."

The Little Bit The Boys Admire starts at 7.45pm and tickets for the show are £10. These can be booked by visiting