Chilling thriller on Harborough stage

Baroque Theatre Company Presents Veronica's Room by Ira Levin.
Baroque Theatre Company Presents Veronica's Room by Ira Levin.

From the author who bought the psychological horror Rosemary’s Baby into the world comes a chilling new thriller played at Harborough Theatre.

Veronica’s Room by Ira Levin can be seen by on Saturday October 22 and is being staged by the Norwich based Baroque Theatre Company.

The show is by the same author who also penned horror classics Rosemary’s Baby and Deathtrap, promises to take audiences into a spider’s web of fantasy, reality and danger.

It tells the story of Susan Kerner, a young beautiful Boston college student who is on a date with the charming Larry Eastwood in 1973.

The young lovers find themselves at The Brabissant mansion owned by the Mackeys, an elderly Irish couple instantly struck by Susan’s strong resemblance to long since dead Veronica Brabissant.

Together they enter Veronica’s room, untouched since 1935 and nothing will ever be the same.

The mystery of Veronica’s Room deepens as twist after twist unravels the threads of life’s reality. Is it 1973 or is it in fact 1935?

Veronica’s Room is a fascinating piece of suspense drama full to the brim with mystery and intrigue.

The production’s director is award-winning Adam Morley. No stranger to radio, TV and theatre, Morley has directed more than 60 productions including Newsrevue, the world’s longest running live comedy show at the Canal Café Theatre in London.

He said: “Veronica’s Room is an intriguing and sometimes disturbing look at the underside of society and the terrible secrets of a family.

“On the surface they embody the American dream; money, power and education. Scratch beneath the surface and a nightmare comes forth in true Twin Peaks style.

“At Baroque we look forward to presenting this wonderful thriller.It is always a favourite with our audiences.”

It stars Paul Cleveland, Claire Bibby, Talitha Willsea and Ed Allenby.

Tickets for the show cost £10. For further information about Veronica’s Room or to book tickets for the show in advance visit or go to