Review - Funny Money at Harborough Theatre

Funny Money
Funny Money

Harborough Theatre’s new season got off to a cracking start with an impressive performance of the Ray Cooney farce, Funny Money.

The crazy plot centred around a man who picked up the wrong briefcase on the way home from work. Instead of papers and a cheese and chutney sandwich, he found a fortune inside. As in every farce, chaos reigned from that moment on.

Pace is key in this type of play and in this case it was break-neck.

Jonathan Barnes, as leading man Henry Perkins, was largely responsible for this in an amazingly energetic performance, reminding me at times of Terry Scott. He was truly a tour de force.

Hazel Cook was the perfect foil as his wife, Jean, and grasped the exasperation and confusion of the role beautifully.

The duo were ideally cast and between them kept everyone steaming through the hilarious script, which occasionally threatened to slow down.

Barbara Lloyd and John Foreman as the couple’s friends, Betty and Vic Johnson, developed their characters nicely as the play proceeded, Barbara clearly enjoying her sexual innuendos.

Chris Raymakers provided contrast as Detective Insp. Davenport, who was eventually drawn into the farcical shenanigans.

Rod Scribbins was perfect as Bill (or was it Ben?) the cheeky Cockney taximan.

The only straight part was Det Insp Slater, played by Helen Foreman.

Making up the cast with two words was ‘Passer by’ Ivan Corrie.

Ron Kirk’s imaginative set genuinely gave the impression of being part of a spacious property. Sue Waller directed.

Farces haven’t been so fashionable in recent years, but this showed just how popular they are and the Harborough audience lapped it up.

Review by Gordon Birch