No dark side for Pink Floyd tribute ahead of Lutterworth gig.

Dark Side of the Wall performing in Lutterworth
Dark Side of the Wall performing in Lutterworth

The award-winning Dark Side Of The Wall are this year celebrating 20 years of live performances and they make their first visit to Lutterworth since 2011.

Anyone who has played in bands will recognise that to continue performing for two decades is a considerable achievement, one that the vast majority of professional bands fall way short of.

For this renowned Coventry-based nine-piece band this amazing longevity is something that they’re rightly proud of.

The band’s long-serving bass player Steve Chilton said: “It’s hard to believe we’ve done 20 years but the fact that we keep doing what we do, year on year, is testament not just to the timeless music of Pink Floyd, but also to the fact that we simply love what we do.

“We’ve had some inevitable line-up changes over the years but each time we’ve brought someone in new it has always given us fresh impetus and we just keep on going.

“Personally, the thought of not playing Pink Floyd music to likeminded Floyd fans isn’t ever something I’d like to contemplate. 20 years could easily turn into 30 as far as I’m concerned, even if they have to wheel me on stage.

“I always think that one of our great selling points is this fact that we love what we do – and aren’t afraid to let the audience know that.

Pink Floyd’s music and persona is often perceived as quite serious but whilst we perform their music with the love and respect it deserves, we’re fully aware that we’re not Pink Floyd and would always prefer that we bring our own personalities to the stage.

“Playing this music is great fun and hopefully the audience pick up on that when they see the band fully committed to what they do and loving every moment of every song. That’s what a DSOTW show is all about to me. A great night out for both the band and the audience - with quality live music!”

Having previously played shows a long time ago at what used to be The Moorbarns on the A5, and more recently at the Wycliffe Rooms in the town centre, the band are looking forward to being back in the Lutterworth area on Saturday April 23 with the gig starting at 8.30pm.

Advance tickets are £10 and admission on the door is £12.

To book in advance call 07854 414345 or visit for more details. There will also be a pay on the door option available on the night.

For further information about the band visit