New season announced by Market Harborough Drama Society

A previous production by Market Harborough Drama Society
A previous production by Market Harborough Drama Society

On the eve of a new season by Market Harborough Drama Society, more details have been revealed for what audiences can enjoy coming up.

There will be works by William Shakepseare and Ben Elton and famous comedies and dramas in shows running until July.

Following on from Neil Simon’s Rumours starting next week is the harrowing The Diary of Anne Frank.

It’s Amsterdam in July 1942, and the Nazi regime is systematically rounding up the Jewish population. Two families, the Franks and the Van Daans, decide to hide in an attic.

The story is based on the lives of these families as seen through the eyes of Anne Frank, who meticulously kept a diary of events.

For those looking for something more light hearted, the comedian and author of The Young Ones and Blackadder Ben Elton takes a satirical look at the world of big business.

Lockheart Industries are making serious money, but Sir Chiffley Lockheart is always looking for the next big thing and he might have it in the form of designer air.

This is followed by a double header of one act plays with Five Kinds of Silence about a wife and grown up daughter who exact revenge on the bullying Billy, wife and father respective. The second is Who Calls? and sees the staff gather at a large Victorian house unsure whether she is dead,

There’ll be more ghostly going ons in The Ghost Train about 10 passengers stranded following a mechanical failure. The station master tries to tell them a ghost story of train which haunts the tracks to get them to leave and then they hear a train approaching in the distance.

This is followed by The Quality of Life, a strangely uplifying tale despite a couple seeing their house destroyed by a fire and the husband having terminal cancer.

The final show in the seasin will be Shakespeare’s much-loved bitter-sweet comedy, A Midsummer Night’s Dream which was last performed by the society in 1996.

Tickets for all of the shows will be on sale for a month before the show starts.

For further information about any of the shows or to book tickets visit