Musical duo launch new EP raises money for hospice

Findley Webster
Findley Webster

The launch of a new EP in Market Harborough will help raise funds for a Leicestershire based hospice.

Findley Webster and Shotty 4HF release the compilation entitled X Over at a special concert taking palce at Harborough Theatre in Saturday June 4.

In addition to launching the event and a live performance, all proceeds will go to LOROS Hopsice.

Findley said: “In 2009 my lead guitarist Ian Jones (famed member of Blitzkrieg) passed away.

“He spent his last days in LOROS. He was not only a fabulous guitarist and writing partner he was also an incredible person.

“Although The Findley Webster band had disbanded it was suggested we do a One Night Only gig at The Musician in Leicester as a tribute to Ian.

“The night was a sell out and a huge success raising £2,022.14.

The band played songs from the acclaimed Findley Webster album Kiss My Tiara an album that Ian Jones greatly attributed to with his unique sound.”

Findley has been solo for awhile now writing and releasing her eclectic style of music, which led to her meeting Shotty 4HF in 2015.

Findley had been to LA to meet with a music placer who had interest in some songs for TV and film.

While there she also got to meet up with Shakespeare’s Sister Marcella Detroit and was inspired to do a re-mix of their hit most famous hit Stay.

Findley added: “This is where the infamous Shotty came in. Known also for his eclectic indie music and well known drum and bass sound Findley had met the producer, arranger and musician needed for the 128 bpm re- mix.

“Of course this led to them collaborating on a new album, the album is X OVER which includes Stay.

“The choice was to release it on home ground, both live in Market Harborough and Harborough Theartre the perfect place.”

Paula Swann-Sully and Irene Rae will be special guests at the gig starting at 7pm.

Tickets for the event are £10 and can be booked in advance by calling MH Music on 01858 463144, LOROS on 01858 432539 or Amy’s Vintage on 01858 450975.