Kibworth man returns to area with new comedy show

The Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre Company taking over Leicester
The Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre Company taking over Leicester

While many of us might have put a sock over our hands to make a puppet, one man brought up in Kibworth has made a career out of it.

Kev Sutherland, a producer and performer for The Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre Company, is making a return to the area appearing twice with two shows at Dave’s Leicester Comedy Festival on Friday February 12 and Saturday February 20.

For anyone who’s not aware, The Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre are the hilarious comedy double act who’ve been entertaining audiences around the world for nearly 10 years now.

This year they tackle the works of Shakespeare, and unveil their new sketches for the first time in Leicester.

The Socks will be at The Kayal on Granby Street and giving audiences an exclusive first glimpse at brand new material.

They have been coming to Leicester every year since 2007.

The Socks say Leicester audiences are their favourites: “In the past they’ve let us do material about Richard the third, about the entire history of Leicester, and even let us take the mick out of the way they pronounce the ‘y’ at the end of Groby and Blaby, and still they keep coming back.”

The Socks have done Shakespeare before: “We’ve done the one where Mr The Scottish Play murders all those people, and the one where Mr One With Two Daughters, er, has two daughters. Oh and the one with the Montagues and the Catapults. So we’re pretty much the experts.”

We asked the socks if they were going to show us their Coriolanus they told us to mind our own business.

Both shows starts at 6.30pm with the doors opening at 6.15pm. Tickets cost between £6 and £7.

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