Interview with Ed Byrne

Ed Byrne
Ed Byrne

Ed Byrne will be returning for the first two gigs in Northamptonshire.

The Irish comedian will appear at The Core at Corby Cube on Wednesday January 13 and will also appear at Royal & Derngate in Northampton on Thursday February 18.

The comedian’s new show Outside, Looking In will be reflecting on everything from life as a father and husband to feminism and transgenderism.

Ed said: “I think that people are very fascinated by comedians and what they do and how it works, so there is a lot of that in the show.

“There’s even a small bit about doing interviews because I’ve always got to make sure I don’t say the wrong thing on the hoof.

“But anything like that that happens in my life, I’ll always try and find a humourous way of writing it and then putting in the show.

“It is probably the most personal show that I have written and fortunately it is going very well.

“The new tour, which starts in September and goes through to May, has been drawn up to only go to the venues where the people will come and the venues that I have performed at previously and like appearing at.”

He is always happy with the reaction that he gets from people who see him on the street.

Ed said: “I think some comedians feel the pressure to be funny.

“I’m lucky because people look at me and start laughing.

“It’s lovely to be able to make people laugh without telling a joke.

“But there is a pressure when you do a show. In the old days, you asked if there were reviewers in. Now, everyone is a reviewer with the way social media has taken off.”

He has been known for his appearances on shows including Mock the Week and the various companion shows to The Great British Bake Off.

Ed added: “Some of the best moments I like about Mock the Week is when we go off on complete tangents and it is all of us just sitting there and cracking jokes.

“That is the thing that gets the audience going the most.

“The stuff to do with The Great British Bake Off has been fun to do. We have just done another set of shows which are due to go out later in the year and BBC journalist John Simpson, the man can not bake at all.

“He is a man you are in awe of because of the stories that he can tell, but definitely not in awe of his baking.”

Ed Byrne takes to The Core’s stage at 8pm. To book tickets call 01536 470 470 or visit For the Northampton gig call the box office on 01604 624811 or visit