Explorer Ray brings Australia to Leicestershire

Ray Mears
Ray Mears

With climate change deniers out in force in all environments at the moment, you might think that someone like Ray Mears would be worried about the future.

And while those concerns are still perfectly valid, the explorer believes that children are becoming more aware of the environment.

Speaking to us ahead of his show coming to De Montfort Hall in Leicester, he said: “The primary thing we can learn is probably not to be scared of the environment around us. It can teach us things about ourselves, and we can learn from other species. It is also about the impact that mankind is having on the environment and will hopefully make people think about their actions.

“I think if you look at the recent generation of kids coming through, I think they are a lot more aware of the environment and the impact that we have on the bio-diversity of the planet. We are more aware now than we have been.

“But there is always more we can do as a planet.”

From a very young age Ray discovered the joys of exploring the wilderness, the most intact, undisturbed wild natural areas left on our planet.

His fascination with this environment that has not been modified by civilised human activity, has greatly shaped his life.

Ray will take you on a journey that he deeply values for cultural, spiritual, moral and aesthetic reasons and explain why he believes these are vital for the human spirit and creativity.

Describing the show, he said: “The first half of the show is all about bushcraft, such as what it is and what it can do for us. The second half will be about Australia.

“I have just finished filming for a new television series and will be about what I have discovered.

“The last time I did a show like this, it was quite a heavy show and I wanted to do something a little bit lighter this time around. I also wanted to talk to the audience a little bit more about conservation.

“I enjoy getting out and talking to people, you have a more personal experience with the audience of a theatre rather than speaking to them via a television series.”

Ray Mears - Born To Go Wild can be seen from 7.30pm on Tuesday October 31. To book tickets visit www.demontforthall.co.uk