Casualty star Ian appears in Legally Blonde coming to Leicester

Ian Kelsey in rehearsals for Legally Blonde the musical
Ian Kelsey in rehearsals for Legally Blonde the musical

The former star of Casualty and Doctors says he is looking forward to performing at the area when he stars in a musical.

Ian Kesley plays the lawyer Callahan in the award winning Legally Blonde The Musical coming to The Curve in Leicester from Monday April 11 to Saturday May 14.

Elle Woods gets dumped by her boyfriend Warner for a more ‘serious’ girlfriend,. She then packs her pooch and bags to earn a place at the prestigious Harvard Law School in an attempt to win back her man.

And he said it was the chance to work with the creative team at the theatre that influenced his decision to take the role.

Ian said: “I wanted to work at The Curve and with Nikolai on the show and said yes to the show almost without even reading the script. I heard it was a fantastic venue.

“The facilities we have are great, it’s a very different venue to all of the rest of the theatres. You walk around the venue and can see all the technical staff working on another show and can see the amount of people working on any one show. It s a really good vibe around the place.

“This version of the show can only really be staged here because of some of the things that we have got planned.”

It is a show that also has a really good message for people at the heart of it.

Ian added: “It is a show which tells people, especially young girls, that they can achieve anything that they set their minds to.

“You might think that it is going to be a camp, pink, glitzy musical but there is a serious message for all of us.”

And Ian is relieved that his character doesn’t have to do some of the more energetic dance routines.

He said: “There are a lot of routines and there is one number at the start of act two, where someone has to act, sing, dance and skip.

“Natalie Hope who plays Brooke Wyndham, you just see her in the rehearsals building up her stamina with a skipping rope. She’s a fantastic actress.”

It could be argued that having recently appeared in a touring production The Shawshank Redemption that Ian prefers the stage work, however he likes both.

Ian said: “There is a great sense of cammaraderie of working with the crew on the 12 hour days and you build up a relationship with all the actors on that.

“But I do like the rehearsal process and the chance to create something.”

One thing though that Ian won’t miss is having to learn the medical lingo on Casualty.

Ian added: “People were having to write their lines on various bits of paper all over the set because there is no way you could have learnt some of the dialogue.

“There was one actress, I won’t name who it was, who had one scene and posted lines all over the set and arranged all her movements around where her lines were. It was crazy the things we had to try and learn.

“Probably my favourite jobs were Emmerdale because I got the chance to work with Claire King on the show and it was my first big job. And then there was Blue Murder alongside Caroline Quentin, a cop show in Manchester. That was a great period of my life because I did six months working on that show and then six months doing the musical Chicago.”

Also starring in the show is former X Factor contestant Lucie Jones and Coronation Street’s Tupele Dorgu.

Tickets for the show cost from £12.50 and £38 and can be booked by calling the ticket office on 0116 242 3595 or visit