Have a laugh at Ha Ha Harborough

Andrew Watts
Andrew Watts

Three top comedians have been lined up for the final Ha Ha Harborough event in 2016.

The comedy club comes to Harborough Theatre on Saturday October 8 with appearances by Andrew Watts, Patrick Draper and Rod Shepherd alongside regular compere Alan Seaman.

Andrew has been described by the organiser as having a distinctive style and presents original material. All this is wrapped up in a posh boy humour and an intellgence which he uses without distancing himself from the audience.

Comedy website Chortle said: “His distinctive style stands out – a winning mixture of pomposity, insecurity and emotional incompetence, while the fury-inducing importance he places on the trivial makes for a winning comic stance.”

The Scotsman summed him up as: “As an up-and-coming comedians, who looks and acts like he’s in middle management and whose distaste for everything laddish and fondness for cricket analogies cloaks some darker writing.

“There’s intelligent wit, honesty and more interesting and provocative thoughts in his show than many comics manage in a decade.”

For more on the comedian visit www.andrewwattscomedy.co.uk.

Patrick first ambled onto the stage in October 2011 and has cemented his place on the UK comedy circuit with a mixed bag of deadpan jokes, visual gags and songs.

Rod Shepherd has been described as Croydon’s second best conspiracy theorist and ex-cult leader who will talk to you about the murky world of conspiracies theories and to feed you the truth.

The show starts at 8.30pm with the doors opening at 7.45pm. Admission is £8 in advance or £9 on the door.

To book text 07804 563371 or email shipoffoolscomedy@yahoo.co.uk for tickets