Flock to folk at Harborough

Kris Drever
Kris Drever

Scottish folks singer Kris Drever celebrates his first decade as a solo artist and songwriter with a new album and tour coming to Market Harborough.

The album is his first for six years during which time his band Lau have established themselves as the most widely acclaimed and musically progressive trio in British folk music. The album If Wishes Were Horses is a collection of semi-biographical songs covering the universal, and not so universal, themes of education, politics, sex, love, ennui, self-employment, social migration and Shetland. Drever’s recent outpouring of songs stems from a move back to the Northern Isles, Shetland this time rather than his native Orkney and the discovery of new lyrical voices to describe his life, times and wild new surroundings.

This concert will be in the Jubilee Hall on Thursday October 20. The doors will open at 7.30pm with the music starting at 8pm.

Tickets for the show are £12.50. They can be bought from MH Music or by visiting www.amgigs.co.uk.