Mid-table finish is English’s biggest disappointment

Lutterworth Athletic
Lutterworth Athletic

Lutterworth Athletic boss Mike English is certain his club can bounce back from the frustrations of this season to be a force again next term.

Having finished fourth in UCL Division One last year – just one point behind promoted Rothwell Corinthians – a tilt at the title might have been expected.

Instead Athletic ended up in 11th place having lost more games than they won – 14 wins to 16 losses.

It was certainly not what those at Hall Lane had anticipated.

“It’s possibly my biggest disappointment since I’ve been here,” English stated.

“When you finish where we finished, when you consider where we’ve been in the tables for the last five years, you have to be disappointed.

“We’ve just had no consistency.

“A mixture of coaching changes, player changes, a young squad and using over 35 players just haven’t helped us.

“But I’m 100 per cent convinced we’ll be back and challenging again next year.”

And how they go about that starts now.

English continued: “As a management team we’ll sit down and see what we need to address.

“Preparation is the key.

“We have perhaps taken our eye off the ball in that regard and it has been reflected in where we are.

“We will be well prepared and not just getting things in place at the start of the season.

“If you do that you are fighting against yourselves then.

“We will see what players we need to bring in, who we retain and assess the commitment of some players.

“But we will be back and ready come next season.

“We should be challenging to go up. We’ve got the facilities here and I’m fairly sure we could compete with most sides at the next level.”