Bees new boss will offer continuity

Stuart Spencer and Chris Church are the new management team at Harborough Town
Stuart Spencer and Chris Church are the new management team at Harborough Town

New Harborough Town boss Stuart Spencer is looking to bring some stability to the club.

Spencer, who was assisting former boss Nick Pollard until he was sacked three weeks ago, has been in caretaker charge for the past few games.

He will be aided by Chris Church who returns to a senior position within the Bowdens Park management structure having previously been in charge at the Bees.

The committee said the decision to appoint Spencer was part of Harborough Town’s “vision” to build a “sustainable and successful” football club.

And the new boss explained: “I took my time over applying for the job, as I was unsure of the commitment levels that I could give on my own.

"However, I had asked Chris to come and help me out for a few weeks, once I was put in temporary charge.

"Chris knows the club inside out, he is a great coach whom the players know very well and respect highly.

“I had two training sessions and three games as caretaker manager and after the second game Chris and I spoke and we agreed that the potential and the quality of players we have at this club, together with the fact that they are a young squad with time to develop further, that if we shared out the duties we could meet the demands of the Football club. So I decided to put in an application.

“Bringing in a new manager from outside of the club could have unsettled what we already have here.

"They may have brought in their own playing staff and that would have meant starting again, with Chris and I, the club as well as the players keep that stability and continuity that everyone wanted.

"It is now down to Chris and myself to deliver that potential and belief that we are a good team and pay back the trust that the club have shown in us.”

Peter Dougan, chairman of the club’s senior section, added: “The club are extremely delighted and excited that Stuart and Chris have agreed to take control of senior football affairs at the club.

“Stuart has impressed, both the senior committee and board of trustees over the past two years of his involvement at the football club. He is a highly respected coach and very importantly, he is held in high regard by all the players at the club.

“Chris has been involved at the club for many years and has the best interests of the club at heart and knows the club inside out and is seen as a great ally for Stuart.

"Between them they also give the club the stability and continuity that the club were desperate to maintain.

“We did not want to rush into this appointment, we knew that we had to take our time.

"This club is ambitious, we have goals but we have to ensure that we reach these goals in the right way and within our constraints.

"For now, continuity and stability were always the key words to the senior committee when looking at this appointment.”

Laurence Jones, chairman of trustees, endorsed the appointments.

He said: “In Stuart and Chris the Club has two people who understand and are fully committed to the philosophy that we are trying to build across both the senior and junior sections of the club

“Their appointment endorses the vision of the directors and trustees to build a sustainable and successful football club for Market Harborough that focuses on young player development at its core

“Personally I am delighted that Stuart and Chris have taken on and embraced this opportunity and I am sure that they will play a significant role in the future development of the club.”