Morrisons is selling a three-course Christmas dinner in a pasty

Morrisons is selling a three-course Christmas dinner in a pasty
The Morrisons Christmas dinner pasty is made in Cornwall (Photo: Morrisons)

by Josh Barrie

Ardennes pâté, sweet apple chutney, and Melba toast.

Is it an elegant French pâté en croute? No, it’s the filling inside the first section of Morrisons’ new Christmas dinner pasty, surely one of the sillier festive food ideas of recent years.

Once shoppers have made their way through all the toast and pastry, they’ll be met with the main event – “succulent” British turkey with sage and onion stuffing, potatoes, pigs in blankets, cranberries, and a “creamy sauce”.

Morrisons Christmas dinner pasty
A pastry triptych (Photo: Morrisons)

Inspired by Cornwall

This is already a lot to cram into two thirds of a pasty. The supermarket has managed it, although the potatoes don’t appear to be roasted and there isn’t a vegetable in sight. Not even a handful of charred sprout leaves.

And then there’s the last third to contend with, which is a traditional Christmas pudding with brandy sauce. Also, the remnants of onion stuffing and the odd bit of bacon, presumably making their way along the interior of the pasty envelope.

Morrisons Christmas dinner pasty
They cost £2.50 each (Photo: Morrisons)

But possibly the most bizarre aspect of the Morrisons Christmas dinner pasty is that it’s made in Cornwall. This might be because the company’s factory is based there. But won’t the Cornish, proud as they are, think this creation sacrilegious?

Christmas pudding

In fact, the Christmas Dinner pasty was inspired by the original Cornish variety, which once combined savoury and sweet parts. They were carried underground by tin miners and contained meat and vegetables in one end, and jam or fruit in the other.

Chefs at Morrisons apparently took three months to perfect the dish. It features an arrow on top to tell diners at which end to begin.

Pastries buyer Philippa Shaw said, “This is the perfect grab and go Christmas dinner… and without any of the washing up.”

The pasty is being sold at Morrisons Pie Shop counters between 10 and 25 December. It costs £2.50.

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