Your letters, December 5, 2013

We have a full postbag of your letters on a range of views
We have a full postbag of your letters on a range of views

Your Views - here are the letters published in the Harborough Mail on December 5, 2013.

As usual, there are lots of views and opinions on a host of subjects in this week’s Mail.

CHRISTMAS: Well done to the festive retailers

Walking down our town centre last night (November 28), I was amazed at the disparity shown by businesses displaying Christmas trees outside their premises for the festive season.

Most people have been asked this year to try and enhance the town by buying a tree and lights for a relatively small cost.

A lot of effort has gone in by various people to try and achieve this.

The top end of High Street deserves praise for their unstinting efforts, as does Church Street.

But take a look at the bottom end of the High Street from Abby Street to Coventry Road and The Square area and you will see, apart from one or two independent retailers, a complete void where decorated trees should be.

Steffans, Emerson & Wests, Halo and Mistry’s for example, deserve plaudits. Adam and Eve Street has one side covered.

I would have to say generally that it is the multiples who do not have trees.

In the past, the usual excuse from managers was “if we subscribe, all our branches in the country will want the same thing”. Has nobody heard of petty cash for this type of one-off?

I hope the people of Market Harborough and surrounding areas will take note of the efforts of some traders and give a black mark to those who take thousands of pounds from our town with very little in return.

Ian White, Former owner of Whitemores, Market Harborough

FUNDRAISERS: Jumble sale will help children

I would like to say a big thank you to all the helpers for making the jumble sale at Huntingdon Gardens in Harborough so successful.

We raised £450 towards Mablethorpe Children’s Holiday Home and thank Seven Locks Housing for their help.

We wouldn’t have been able to do it without them.

Sandra Doherty, Market Harborough

DISRUPTION: Lorries keeping me awake at night

Seventeen lorries diverted from the A14 in 15 minutes – how is one supposed to sleep?

Sir Edward Garnier is aware of this problem and it appears is powerless to help

This ongoing night-time torture is caused by using the A4304 in Market Harborough as a diversion route for A14 traffic, seemingly ignoring unpoliced Highways Agency alternative diversion routes.

If Northamptonshire County Council can take action to alleviate this dreadful nuisance why can’t Leicestershire?

These vehicles thunder past at speed, thus depriving residents of sleep.

Mary Green, by email

POPPY APPEAL: Thank you for buying poppies

May I, through your newspaper, thank everyone in the Market Harborough area that generously gave donations for the knitted poppies I made.

Special thanks to my sister-in-law Jeanette Warr of Foxton and my niece Sally Ingram of Lubenham who distributed the poppies and collected a wonderful £91 which boosted the total amount raised to £175.

This has been sent to the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal here in Norfolk.

Pauline Holl, Norfolk

NATURE: Amazing wildlife on our doorstep

It’s amazing the wildlife that can be seen while walking through the town’s many paths with the dog early in the morning.

Recently we have had daily sightings of a heron fishing in the river and for the last two days we have spotted an otter swimming in the river not 50 metres from the rail station. It’s a shame not all the town inhabitants share passion for wildlife and discard all sorts of junk, shopping trolleys and such like into the river – what a shame!

Mark Priestley, by emai

ROBERT SMYTH: Don’t be worried by Ofsted report

So Robert Smyth Academy had a bit of a setback with its latest Ofsted report.

Should parents be worried? I don’t think so.

I am the parent of an ex-pupil and have seen the terrific progress that has been made across many departments.

To find examples of excellence at Robert Smyth, look no further than the performing arts department that is led by Helen Petersen.

Over the years this department has gone from strength to strength, offering opportunity and developing the confidence and talents of many pupils.

This past Saturday I was lucky enough to get a ticket to a sell-out performance of the musical We Will Rock You that had been put on by the department.

The pupils and staff should be extremely proud of what they achieved. It was absolutely fantastic entertainment.

Excellence doesn’t happen overnight. It takes a lot of effort to achieve and maintain.

Helen Petersen, Nick Hughes and the other teachers in the department show just how it can be done and sustained.

Well done the cast and crew of We Will Rock You’.

And well done Robert Smyth!

David Cornwell, by email

TYPHOON: Top marks to academy’s team

Top marks to the students and staff at Robert Smyth Academy who between them raised over £1,200 to help the people so badly affected by the typhoon in the Philippines by holding a non-school uniform day.

This money, together with that raised in a Saturday street collection meant that the Harborough Friends of Oxfam have been able to send a cheque for £1,400 to the UK’s Disasters Emergency Committee.

By November 26 the DEC Philippines appeal had raised £63 million, a real tribute to the compassionate people of the UK.

The Disasters Emergency Committee is still welcoming donations.

You can donate at any bank, on the DEC website or by calling 0370 6060900

I’m sure that the people of market Harborough have donated much more than the £1,400 that we know about – thank you for all your support

Judith Rout, by email

DOGS: Stay at home and care for your pets

Dogs and owners. Whether it’s poo or barking, too many dogs are doing both and, yes, the owners don’t care.

I had children, cats and dogs.

I stayed at home and looked after all of them well.

The children got good jobs. The dogs and cats were not trouble to anyone.

Now it’s “must go to work” and one half doing the job with dogs and children. Only take on what you can look after well.

Stay at home and do a good job in all the ways. Men would have more work and children less likely to bully and dogs would get attention so wouldn’t bark. In both cases this is the problem – not enough attention.

Tax and fining is good, with one man made to pay £300.

A local man for his dog pooing and not picking up.

Yes, it’s all over the place the same problem and as I say, it’s the owners who don’t care about others.

D Winterfield, Market Harborough

DANCERS: Rosie and team were top notch

Many thanks to Rosie and her team of dancers from Dance Egypt of Market Harborough for a great night at the Arc Theatre in Corby on Saturday,
December 1. The dancing was brilliant – much better than watching Strictly on TV.

Linda Forbes, Market Harborough

HOSPITAL: Above and beyond the call of duty

May I please give a brief mention to all the staff on ward three at Harborough’s St Luke’s Hospital for the way they took total care of my dear wife after a rather nasty fall.

Their expertise and professionalism nursed my wife back to being a confident person again.

Please award yourselves an Above and Beyond the Call of Duty Award.

Roger Horn, Market Harborough

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