Your letters, December 12, 2013

We have a full postbag of your letters on a range of views
We have a full postbag of your letters on a range of views

Your Views - here are the letters published in the Harborough Mail on December 12, 2013.

As usual, there are lots of opinions on a host of subjects in this week’s Mail.

LORRIES: Highways Agency are not listening

Response to a letter from Mary Green about lorries being diverted through Market Harborough.

I can only agree with you that the planned Highways Agency diversion route via Market Harborough is unacceptable.

This is why I took the issue to the county council’s cabinet which solicited a response from the county council highways team back to the Highways Agency in September.

I have also written to Harborough MP Sir Edward Garnier, who in turn wrote to the Highways Agency about this issue. The Highways Agency response, in my opinion, was poor and dismissive.

It seemed to imply that the county council were supportive of the planned diversion route. The county council has objected to their proposals.

I have already notified Sir Edward of my opinion regarding the Highways Agency’s response to him.

I’m afraid that the Highways Agency is a Government agency and as such our MP is in the most appropriate position to petition them.

I have also been on the radio, spoken to the press and taken this issue up at the very highest level within the county council.

If the Highways Agency cannot apply common sense, it’s time for their powers to be devolved to the county highways department.

Cllr Blake Pain, leader of Harborough District Council and a member of Leicestershire County Council’s cabinet

RECYCLING PLANT: Are they aware of all the issues?

Re: the recycling power plant plan at Pebble Hall, I agree with Mike Gowling about benefits of such enterprises.

I was responsible for similar schemes with the GEC and Alstom companies.

With these the choice of a suitable site was paramount.

On no account would one be on a site affected by atmospheric inversions.

These occur along the Welland Valley. They block the free normal dispersion of exhaust gases so that they accumulate down to ground level with increasingly concentrated toxic emissions,in turn drifting down the valley. Just four kilometres to Market Harborough.

While not a showstopper, the access to the site is at the most

inappropriate position at the bottom of the hill from Theddingworth where HGVs are accelerating for the lighter gradient to Husbands Bosworth.

They also need speed in the opposite direction to tackle the steeper gradient up to Theddingworth most economically.

With the current level of activities at Pebble Hall there are frequent forced braking events some of which I have experienced.

Leicestershire County Council had a similar entry problem to Kilworth Hall, at North Kiworth, though less extreme and with predominantly cars.

Here decelerating lanes were constructed.

Something similar to this proven scheme, but with somewhat longer decelerating lanes should be possible.

While not in Leicestershire, this Northamptonshire power scheme would primarily affect the former. Is the county council aware of these serious issues ?

John Hyde, East Farndon

EUROPE: UKIP stuck to its principles

A number of national and local newspapers have commented on a vote in the European Parliament about the monthly transfer from Brussels to Strasbourg and back again.

This is indeed a total waste of time, not least because the centre of most other EU functions is located in Brussels.

It is also very expensive and most reports put the cost at £130 million every year.

UKIP MEPs are very keen to see an end to this costly and time wasting process so political commentators are puzzled to see that we did not support it with our vote in the European Parliament.

We abstained on the final vote but these comments do not quote the supporting text.

In this resolution on the single seat it talks of the EU as being “a representative democracy”.

It also endorses the notion of “European Citizenship”.

No-one has ever asked the people of Britain if they want to be European citizens but the co-author of this report was a British Conservative.

That tells you all you want to know about the Tories’ true intentions.

By the way, it failed utterly to deal with the fact that there is a third seat of the European Parliament in that the EU civil service is located in Luxembourg. Yet more transfer of paperwork.

UK MEPs who supported this report think that we should continue to be EU members.

UKIP could not support this motion, we kept to our principle of leaving the EU.

It will be interesting to see what happens next since the Strasbourg seat exists at the insistence of France while Luxembourg also has its parliamentary location to protect. It is therefore likely that this motion will in any case founder because of these other national interests.

Derek Clark, UKIP MEP for the East Midlands

CHRISTMAS: Support town’s independents

Wow, the tree on The Square in Harborough looks amazing this year, a big thank you to Market Harborough Building Society and whoever decorated it.

Independent businesses in town may be struggling but still have the wish to be part of the community and make our town special and attractive to locals and visitors alike by putting up a tree.

However, I am disappointed yet again this year with the shops/businesses on the High Street that don’t seem to want to join in the excitement of getting ready for our big shopping night by putting up a decorated tree outside their premises, the lower end of the High Street looks quite dull in comparison to the rest of the town.

These shops are happy enough to see the holiday season’s spenders fill their tills, what about joining in the spirit and make a small effort to put up a tree? I for one will avoid spending any of my hard-earned cash in these shops.

We know who you are!

Jane Tramontana, by email

SCHOOL CROSSING: Lollipop lady will return soon

To the Little Bowden Primary School community, I hope to be well enough next term to resume my duties again.

I have missed you all and want to wish you all a very happy Christmas and 2014 and to all a lovely school holidays.

Myra Brodie, The Northampton Road Lollipop Lady

TESCO: Stores only care about their profit

With reference to Sainsbury’s and Waitrose objecting to the new proposed Tesco store saying it will ruin the town.

If they care, maybe they should shut at 5.30pm along with the small shops in town or stop selling things like books, DVDs, CDs etc. The only thing they care about is their profits.

Also, most people go food shopping separate to going into town, rarely doing both together.

D Reeve, by email

THANK YOU: Town is great for acts of kindness

Could I please thank the person who found my keys in the High Street and handed them in.

Also I would like to thank the council workers who helped.

Harborough is great when it comes to acts of kindness.

Jackie May, by email

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