Wonders of the world created at new housing development

The mighty Mississippi - has it been recreated in Glebe Road?
The mighty Mississippi - has it been recreated in Glebe Road?

It may be of interest to your readers to know that Harborough District Council has allowed, during the development of the Glebe Road / Windy Ridge site, re-creations of many well known sites of interest and tourist attraction and has by proxy created its own “mini-world” crammed into just 20 acres!

We have:

1. The mighty and muddy Mississippi river flowing down Glebe Road. Unfortunately only available when it rains and when the ditch blocks, which as some of you may have noticed is quite 

2. Walmington-on-Sea home guard check point. Lots of sand bags with added period value – old trucks and steam engines occasionally running. Don’t panic – unless you live here.

3. Table top mountain. Can’t have the owners of the multi-hundred thousand pound executive boxes blighted by the noise of those annoying trains can we?

4. The Dead Sea fed by the Reichenbach Falls. In an attempt to hold back the waters and provide a water sports feature for their lovely offspring. Creating jobs as well. Definitely need a full-time life guard.

5. The Golan Heights. Somewhat ironically next to the heights and presumably to block out the site of those terribly ugly boxes.

6. Tea plantation terracing. To allow even more height so the owners of the houses can have an enlarged sense of self importance and look down on the “plebs” below.

7. Picadilly. Still to come when they actually start building and they try putting all those deliveries and people down a small lane with one extremely poorly positioned entrance. Why couldn’t they put it where it is going to be?

8. The San Andreas fault. Guaranteed to be available during some stage this year when they fracture the gas main during piling and dig a ruddy great trench to place a drain down Glebe Road.

9. Fawlty Towers. Currently located offsite in Adam & Eve Street. Perhaps there is a bus service there? No, it got cancelled.

Humour aside, the only reason these works are allowed to take place is to ensure that Redrow can market their boxes as some peaceful enclave of rural tranquillity and bugger the consequences to everyone else.

Why they cannot build on the slope that’s there and within the bounds of current legislation and regulation which has been accomplished without too much fuss on both sides of Kettering Road is hardly a mystery.

If Harborough District Council cannot understand and cope with this development and its effect on the existing built environment, how will they manage a development 20 times larger?

We won’t even mention the potential contamination issues.

We all understand the need to build new houses, but if you read the Daily Mail it is solely for the recent influx of three million of our eastern European cousins – not sure how many cars you need to wash to be able to afford one of these executive boxes?

No “social” housing here thanks, probably no £2m either now that the law has changed, however it would be nice if you could get a grip and carry out your duties with some semblance of professionalism and responsibility.

An apology wouldn’t go amiss either?

Richard Wilkin


NBJ (Midlands) Ltd