Wind turbine objections

I AM writing to you about the article written in the Harborough Mail on August 7 and our ongoing resistance to wind turbine development across our community.

We are fighting an application from Mark Newton for the erection of a 78m (255ft) wind turbine right in the middle of the beautiful valley that sits between Arthingworth, Kelmarsh, Clipston and Great Oxendon.

This application is an attempt to provide the land owner with over £100,000/year tax free income from a turbine with the capacity to serve 565 houses under the guise of a need to supplement the energy use of Wormslade Farm (a non-working farm with nothing more than a barn where grain is stored). Just to put it into perspective that Nelson’s Column is 50 metres tall and it would dwarf that and as history has shown will lead to applications for more turbines on the same site.

For Mark Newton to state that there is a need for drying grain “for three weeks of the year” and then put up a 78m wind turbine is nothing short of insulting to our community and the residents within it. We will see a massive impact on the value of our properties, the views and landscapes that surround our villages, the habitats on local wildlife, the cumulative effects on the environment and increased traffic on the red route of the A508.

Enough is enough and we would like to highlight to the community of Market Harborough what is going on here. Let there be no doubt that Mark Newton and Fisher German will be supporting a further 200 applications should this be approved with the next installation going in between Great Oxendon and East Farndon looking over Farndon Fields housing development and the Naseby battle site.

This is the tip of the iceberg for these inefficient disguises for renewable energy and if it doesn’t stop we will be left with the legacy of supplementing the costs for them over the next 25 years from our council tax and energy bills. Please see our campaign website at for more detail.

Chris Wright,

Development Manager - Change4Life,

Youth Sport Trust,


Loughborough University.