We don’t understand what was wrong with the old strategy

As a fairly ordinary person, the niceties of Harborough District Council’s decision to bin their Core Strategy and replace it by a new Local Plan have sort of passed me by, but I am now starting to see the light and I find it quite disgusting.

Mr Rook uses £500,000 of mine and the rest of the council tax payers money to develop a Core Strategy which would last until 2024 (I think).

It was widely consulted on, taking hundreds of local people’s man-hours to be involved.

It is then approved by some God-like creature in central government and then adopted by the council.

And now, just a year later, which is a long way from 2024, it is thrown in the bin and a new plan is being put out for consultation.

I understand that the Core Strategy had the possibility of being revised rather than a whole new plan being developed, so why are we just throwing away an incredibly expensive piece of work that the citizens of Harborough were happy with, only to start again?

So perhaps Mr Rook can explain why Harborough District Council spent such a vast amount of money on the Core Strategy if it is not fit for purpose?

Why, if the Core Strategy was okay last year, is it now so out of date and if this new Local Plan is a licence to double the number of houses to be built, why have ward councillors voted through something that we, the poor individuals who fund the cost of the running the council, do not want to see.

Another question would be why would the council now expect to engage us in consultation if they have not the slightest interest in what we have to say. Especially if Harborough District Council is going to bin this plan next year and come up with a new trumped up reason for starting all over again.

How many front line services would have remained operational if the council had not squandered £500,000 on a document that was not worth the paper it is printed on??

Get real Mr Rook and the rest of the ward councillors who voted this through – I may be a bit slow in realising what is happening, but now I do, there must be a question about the legality of the decisions you have made and someone must ask it soon.

Michael Lenihan

Manor Road

Claybrooke Magna