Tribute to a great cricketing couple

A COUPLE of weeks ago I was fortunate to go and watch our two sons, Ben and Max, play for Eastonians at Rockingham Castle, which is a most beautiful location to play cricket, and the views are amazing.

My wife Joanne and I really enjoyed watching the game against Harborough South and the game was played in good spirit, with many young players enjoying themselves and some very talented players on show.

I would like to pay a tribute to Brian and Maureen Streather.

Brian has for many years given these young cricketers a chance to play cricket each summer and to enjoy each others’ company in a team sport and to make new friends along the way. Brian also works many hours on the ground which always looks beautiful.

There is always plenty of banter between the players and at the end of play a few fines are carried out with different stages of game being brought up, ie either a drop catch or miss field.

I would also like to pay tribute to Maureen who is a great support to Brian, supplying the most amazing teas which are much appreciated. Maureen always has a kind and friendly word to everyone.

Both Brian and Maureen are a great asset to local cricket and may it continue for many more years to come.

John Collins,

The Quadrant,