Time to challenge the ‘yes men’ in authority

In last week’s Harborough Mail, I made comment about the sacking of Blake Pain I have been astonished at the reaction to my letter, by our townsfolk. I have been congratulated for my comments, by so many people, both in the street and over the phone.

In our town there is a deep, deep feeling that it is being ruined by those who have “authority” over us. Both local and county councils and by Government.

Those in “authority” spend their working life towing the line for fear of putting their own job at risk.

Blake Pain stepped out of line by being honest to himself, and the folks in his ward, and look what happened.

I fail to see the point of being led by yes men.

Here’s a few examples of yes men decisions in our town.

Harborough Rubber Site: A monument to sheer stupidity that will blot our town for decades.

Farndon Road Site: A 650-home development on a flood plain.

St Mary’s Road: If there’s a space on St Mary’s Road, build on it.

Market Hall: A triumph for the local folk who spoke their minds.

Council Offices: A £5.7million pound revamp, with our money.

Glebe Road Development: Another development with disastrous consequences to come.

After 30 years in the same house, I can no longer get flood insurance, because of such yes-men decisions.

We go on believing that whatever happens, it is all inevitable. Actually it is not.

Those in “authority” are so completely embroiled in red tape and legislation that it makes intelligent thinking and decision making, thing of the past

We just need to let “authority” know that the madness must stop, now.

And they need to listen.

Alan Sear

Willow Crescent

Market Harborough