Thanks to staff at rescue centre

I want to say a big thank you to the dedicated staff at Leicester Animal Rescue, who have gone the extra mile to support me with Marmite, a very stressed and confused little dog, I gave a home to at the end of August. He is nearly 8 years old and he has been in and out of kennels for the most part of his life. Sadly, he has now developed a history of biting other dogs, due to his stress levels.

However, with the ongoing support from the staff at Leicester Animal Rescue and Steven Havers, Dog Behavior and Training Expert; Marmite and I are making positive but slow progress.

In particular, I want to thank Fiona and the staff at the Animal Shelter for their invaluable source of support, especially when I have been in tears, following a stressful encounter with another dog and its owner.

They have enabled me to have access to Steven Havers, when he visits the animal shelter and I have also been attending his Specialist Dog Training sessions. This week, Marmite and I had a home visit, whereupon Steve has generously shared his knowledge and techniques to help me understand and reduce Marmite’s stress levels, both in the house and when out on a walk.

In spite of all of my efforts and forward thinking, Marmite has bitten other dogs. On each occasion they have been loose and their owners were unable to call them back and under their control. To my utter amazement, some of these, vulnerable and inexperienced dogs, were not even wearing a collar. In turn, I have been subjected to a torrent of foul language, name calling (referring to my gender) and threats to ‘rip my dog apart’. I don’t bother trying to reason with people of this caliber, but it does leave me feeling quite distressed.

Therefore, I ask other dog owners to please be aware that not every person, child or dog wants to be approached by your dog, no matter how friendly it may appear to be. I will continue to assume that not all dog owners are responsible and I will try to avoid them but I will continue ‘socializing’ and rehabilitating Marmite in public.

Karen Finney

from Tur Langton