Thank you to all those who helped search for Kizzy

AS THE owner of the dog injured on the northbound slip road at Junction 20 on the M1 on Thursday, November 1, I would like to apologise to everyone including the woman who hit Kizzy and say how grateful I am the dog did not cause a serious accident. She had chased a muntjac deer nearly a mile away from the motorway.

The lack of communication between the motorway police, dog warden and the local police meant I spent three days scouring the countryside in the wrong areas as I did not know of the motorway incident until Saturday afternoon.

Lutterworth police put me in touch with Rebecca Scott, who had witnessed it and who with her lovely family and dog spent Sunday in rain and cold searching the undergrowth along the motorway.

Kizzy was finally found on Monday morning by a man working for a landscape maintenance company behind a block of flats in Lutterworth.

She had severe injuries to her back legs but no broken bones and apart from being very hungry, thirsty, dirty and extremely cold when found she was so pleased to see me. She is recuperating well.

To all the concerned dog walkers of Lutterworth, the shops who kindly displayed posters and especially George Barnett who spent so much time looking for her, a heartfelt very big thank you for all your kindness and help towards Kizzy’s rescue. Kizzy came from the RSPCA in 2006 and is a very much-loved pet and companion.

Suzanne Gully

New Forest