Still time to influence ambulance decisions

In response to a letter which appeared a couple of weeks ago about the East Midlands Ambulance consultation event held at the district council offices on November 8, I’d like to also thank those members of the public who attended and made their contributions and views known.

As one of the district councillors who requested this meeting and attended, essentially what EMAS restructuring proposes locally is that the ambulance stations at Market Harborough and Lutterworth could be closed and sold off and replaced by as yet unspecified community service locations.

However this is not a done and dusted arrangement and the EMAS director who attended the consultation was receptive to the suggestion that the Market Harborough site should be retained and re-developed as a main ‘hub’ site, else they may not achieve the service improvements that they, and we as residents, need.

They make their final decision in the New Year.

As the district council’s health champion, I’d like to remind all readers and residents that you have until December 17 to respond to the East Midlands Ambulance Service consultation document Being the Best.

Phil King

Health Champion

Harborough District Council