Someone must be responsible

There is a patch of pavement, between the play area of Welland Park and the Spar Shop, that every winter is neglected in safety terms.

Just over the wooden bridge, the pavement becomes a solid sheet of ice, and there is no option, in that particular stretch, of walking on grass or the border as it stretches across the entire path.

Naturally, this is immense fun to the children walking to Welland Park College, who I have seen perform some brilliant skids!

But it is not so much fun for those of us who are older and needing to walk over that patch to take children to school.

For example, last Wednesday when I slipped on the ice, I broke my thumb.

I am not the only person who would consider themselves elderly or infirm, and who has to walk over that particular bit of path, and neither am I the only person who has had an accident there, so for the second time I have tried to have something done about it, although this year I tried a bit harder as I am in a lot of pain. I phoned Harborough District Council, and when the lady checked with her supervisor, was told it is the responsibility of Leicestershire County Council.

I phoned them and went through the roundabouts of pressing one or two and finally talked to someone who told me that only the gritting of roads and certain pavements was their responsibility and that I had to phone Harborough District Council.

Surely in these days of health and safety everywhere, SOMEONE has done a risk assessment of things like this. It has to fall under someone’s jurisdiction, surely. I don’t think it would work to take my own salt shaker on the patch of path, so could someone please grit the path in this area.

I can’t even contact Injury Lawyers 4 U because there is no one responsible, thus no one to sue!

Antoinette Mohamed, Welland Park Road

Market Harborough