Patient group heard ambulance review presentation

THE Masharani Practice Patient Participation Group in Lutterworth, which is open to all on the Masharani Practice List, met on Monday, October 1 and heard a presentation on the Review of the East Midlands Ambulance Service by Karlie Thompson, Assistant Director of Operations for EMAS and the director responsible for leading the current Consultation on the Ambulance Service.

This Consultation started on Monday, September 17 and runs until Monday, December 17 2012. To get a copy of the Consultation Booklet (which contains a Feedback Form for you to make your view known) you can telephone 0800 917 9911 or go to to find more information about Public Meetings and give your views on line.

Ms Thompson gave out Consultation Booklets to everyone at the meeting. These set out the aims of the Review. Essentially, EMAS wants to update the service they provide so that ambulances are employed more efficiently, to meet the radically changed population distribution and to provide improved reaction times and appropriate clinician response.

EMAS aim is to provide what the public wants – an ambulance to their emergency as quickly as possible. Analysing the current density of local populations, EMAS wants to set up more Community Ambulance Posts, distributed so that the challenges of growth are met through the provision of a more efficient service.

The Practice Group felt that Ms Thompson gave an a first-rate presentation and dealt with any questions raised openly and honestly.

If you are keen to find out more, then use the contacts above or go along to Lutterworth Town Hall for the Public Consultation Meeting on Monday, October 22 at 10.30am.

After Ms Thompson left, the group heard that a third defibrillator had been ordered and will be based by the Paper Shop on the Leicester Road.

Car parking difficulties at the Health Centre. This issue is still lumbering on! Watch this space!

Finally Dr Masharani said that an information screen (and associated technology) had been ordered for the Waiting Area at the Surgery. This will enable general information and short health-related videos to be shown.

Also discussed was how to attract more people take part in the group meetings. The Masharani Practice Participation Group meets on a regular basis and all on the Practice List are welcome to attend. It is our chance to learn what is going on and to help shape the future.

The next meeting is at 7.30pm on Monday, November 12. Entrance is through the rear door, on the Fire Station side of the Health Centre.

Jill Graham,

Gale Close,


(For MPPG)