Nimbyism and cowardice

Local councils are signed up to the Nottingham declaration (to reduce our carbon footprint), including Harborough District.

And what have we to show for it? Nimbyism and ignorance from the better off, cowardice from elected officials and betrayal by politicians.

Those notable academic luminaries within the Swinford wind farm opposition (SSWFAG) would be better equipped to advise their leadership to use the ‘scientific method’ of evidence – not trawl the internet for pseudo-science that fits their purpose.

A reported breach to the Advertising Standards Agency has found no grounds against the Pro Wind Alliance.

We at proWA have always maintained turbines are part of the answer, but more efficiency on heating could save half the energy generated, and other energy systems such as combined heat and power could make up the difference.

Grahame Jordan,

Chapel Lane,