Link is simply accident that’s waiting to happen

I am writing again on behalf of the phone box in the upper High Street to say thank you for your support in getting it re-painted.

This was finally done last week just in time to save it from terminal decline.

Now, what about the fence posts along the car park footpath between Sainsbury’s and Waitrose?

Whose idea was it to put in the two end sections thereby making it difficult to go onto the path, not least as Waitrose have put in a zebra crossing over their access road to the footpath.

The council should have responded by opening the segment opposite this and taken out one parking space to allow people to walk freely between the two, which they are doing anyway, stepping over the bar. How long before someone falls?

I know we are all supposed to take the footpath round but if you don’t have to, who does? We all take the shortest route and in a free society, will continue to do so!

Fred Lawrence

Launde Park

Little Bowden