Letters: Market Harborough and Bowdens Charity makes such a great contribution to town

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As residents of Market Harborough for more than 40 years, we are very aware of the contribution and benefit to the town and area made by the many charities, societies and clubs. They enhance our way of life and give fulfilment to a tremendous number in the community.

The people who make these organisations possible and who give freely of their time and energies are deserving of our thanks and, together with the considerable support from the township, are all to be congratulated for their generosity of spirit.

However, within this framework of organisations and without diminishing the significant achievements of others, we have in recent years become increasingly conscious of a low profile charity which, over this time, has had a massive financial impact, particularly on the fabric of the town and area.

This is the Market Harborough and the Bowdens Charity. The purpose of this charity is to offer financial support to deserving causes in the Market Harborough and the Bowdens area.

Over the years the charity has made donations of hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Very recent contributions include substantial sums given to the squash club towards an extension and to the iconic Old Grammar School for its recent refurbishment.

Among other contributions made have been donations to support local churches, the Harborough Theatre, the community vehicle transport, the town museum and also some local schools.

It has also given support to individuals with difficulties and, at times to the other charities, societies and clubs.

The charity, which has existed in some form since 1570, is in its present state, thanks to the philanthropists and benefactors of the past and their foresight which created this legacy.

It is controlled by a board of Honorary Feoffees, with an employed steward and charity secretary, who give their expertise, project management and strategic advice and are to be commended on the great success and enterprise of what they have achieved over the years and the charity’s contribution to the town and area, which everyone is able to enjoy.