Letter: We need a plan for this derelict Harbrough eyesore

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Reader Geoffrey Gregory writes to say a plan is urgently needed to fix up a derelict eyesore in Harborough...

The parcel of “derelict” and overgrown land at the junction of Coventry Road/Welland Park Road has become an eyesore and a mess.

The adjoining footpath along its boundary with Welland Park Road is usable only with care if one is to avoid being shredded by the overhanging brambles.

Local dog owners use the areas “around” Farndale View to extercise their dogs which is no problem provided that they are responsible and clear up their poo.

How much better it would be if the area I have mentioned were improved and made into a public amenity area, while at the same time protecting whatever wildlife populates it.

Any advice or suggestions as to how to make this happen would be gratefully received.

Geoffrey Gregory, Market Harborough