Letter: Harborough MP is being shortsighted

Harborough MP Neil O'Brien
Harborough MP Neil O'Brien

Letter writer Will Poulton disagrees with MP Neil O’Brien’s stance on the purpose of education...

Along with Andy Thomas (Your Views, January 17), I was also astounded by the short-sighted view of our MP Neil O’Brien regarding the purposes of education.

The quality of both arts and science courses at our universities has enriched our lives and enabled an enjoyment and appreciation of our civilisation.

A cursory perusal of popular television programmes, visits made to historical monuments and National Trust properties, and the best read books, shows the great influence historians have had on our everyday lives.

This is just one example and one could easily find others including the input of English graduates on the high quality film and drama we all enjoy.

Our life in Britain is enriched by study, research and thus appreciation of our wonderful cultural heritage. May I suggest that Neil O’Brien thinks of this the next time he enjoys a television programme (Back in Time for School?) or enters the historically unique Houses of Parliament.

Will Poulton, West Langton