Letter: Brexit...It’s not going to end well, is it?

Harborough's Neil O'Brien MP in his office at Westminister. PICTURE: ANDREW CARPENTER NNL-180521-113832005
Harborough's Neil O'Brien MP in his office at Westminister. PICTURE: ANDREW CARPENTER NNL-180521-113832005

This week, letter writer David Letts sent a copy of a letter he sent to Harborough MP Neil O’Brien about the ongoing Brexit negotiations...

Here is a copy of a letter sent to Harborough MP Neil O’Brien.

It’s not going well, is it?

We know that the EU will never let Ireland down.

They will protect the Good Friday Agreement and have said on several occasions that negotiations are over.

Last week, the MPs showed they believe party is more important than the future of this once great country.

The only small chink of light is the narrow win for not accepting No Deal as an option.

This effectively leaves us with May’s deal, which no one in Parliament wants, or remain, with all the opt outs and benefits that we enjoy.

As Brexit, so far, is costing £500m per week, before we’ve left, you need to have a very good reason to allow it to continue.

Businesses are leaving, people are losing their jobs. We now know that food and medicine supply will be badly affected.

If Brexit was a good idea and beneficial to a country, then we wouldn’t be the only country pursuing it and there would be foreign companies and investment flooding in to take full advantage of it.

Where are they?

Brexit has allowed the far right, to come out from under their swamps and assume that they now have the right to be violent and abusive.

A group of backbenchers, who hold a similar view and want to avoid the new EU tax laws, seem to be running the Government. How did the ERG become so powerful?

There are a few lobby groups at 55 Tufton Street and they all have influence.

What is going on? To any outsider this looks like a coup.

We now have a few weeks to arrive at a solution that no one has been able to find in two and a half years.

It isn’t going to happen, is it?

Where do you stand on this?

Will you allow the far right to win? Will you allow martial law to come in?

Will you allow the UK to be destroyed so a few rich kids can avoid their tax liabilities?

Or, will you do what’s right and moral for your country?

Will you give us, your constituents, a vote on the final deal?

Will you stand up to the far right and not submit to their threats?

Or, will you abdicate all responsibility?

There is no time for party loyalty or political posturing.

If this doesn’t stop, we are finished as a country.

It’s up to you and we are all watching your actions.

Do not even think about suggesting that it’s the “will of the people” or “We had a vote”.

You know it was advisory.

You know it was full of illegalities.

You know how many votes were never counted.

You know that the mood has changed. You know people are angry at the lies and cons.

You know we all want a vote on the final deal, with an option to remain.

It’s up to you.

David Letts, Market Harborough