Have you heard the low frequency noise in our town?

For approximately 12 years I have lived on Tymecrosse Gardens which is located to the northern side of town.

Over the years my husband and I have had our peace and quiet shattered by what I can only describe as a “low frequency noise”.

Both my husband and I have both been deaf since birth and as a result our remaining senses have developed to compensate. We are especially sensitive to vibrations and low frequency sounds that can travel through buildings and the ground. We really are at our wits end and are desperate to locate the source of the sound/vibrations and are looking to Harborough Mail readers to help us solve our predicament.

I would be grateful if there are any historians out there that may be able to shed a little light on historical underground features, or even local employees that work in the area and are aware of the use of large generators, wind turbines and such like. Also if you can hear or feel the sound I would be grateful if you could please get in touch.

M Wigginton

Tymecrosse Gardens

Market Harborough