Flooding at homes site was predictable

I AM writing to echo the views of Steph Maddox regarding the Redrow Homes Development on Glebe Road.

I wrote to your paper earlier this year to air my views on this subject and give my own version of what I thought might happen when this development started.

I predicted flooding, the unearthing of underground waterways and the issues of contamination. Lo and behold, what happened two weeks ago following a morning of heavy rain? Steph’s picture said it all, floods and instant misery for the residents in Glebe Road!

I have to query the motives of our council planning committee in passing this development and ask why did they let it commence without proper planning permission?

I have had a chat with the groundwork contractor, M V Kelly, and they tell me that piling is proposed, 400 piles up to 80 feet deep. I am not surprised Steph is concerned about her house, I share her fears.

I believe Steph is correct in saying the matter is ‘predetermined’ and leave you to interpret that as you may.

I do have to question the local knowledge of our councillors. did they take the views of the WRAC (Windy Ridge Action Committee) into account?

The findings in their report were based on hours of research, talking with and conferring the views of local residents and delving into the murky history of ‘Bricky Tip’, the contaminated area at the centre of the proposed development.

I cannot believe our councillors took such care and maintain they fail in the care of local residents, surely a part of their duty.

I would go so far as to say show me a councillor who cares for the improvement of Market Harborough and I’ll show you a liar!

So get your finger out Harborough Council, stop this ridiculous development before it is too late and becomes a total farce of illegal working, bad workmanship and political cover-ups to promote the careers of certain self-seeking individuals.

Richard Burgess,

Dunslade Grove,