Would your Harborough home appeal to a London buyer?

The Andrew Granger & Co team
The Andrew Granger & Co team

A Harborough estate agent is on the lookout for properties which would appeal to buyers in London for a promotional event taking place in the capital in May.

Andrew Granger & Co says Harborough is becoming increasingly popular with commuters and those wishing to leave London in favour of a more rural location and quality of life.

A spokesman for the estate agent said: “The valuation team from Andrew Granger will be visiting the Mayfair office in order to promote Harborough properties from a London base.”

Peter Buckingham, of Andrew Granger & Co added: “At present, with the average house price in London around 14.5 times higher than the average income, an escape to the country is becoming ever more appealing, in spite of the cost of the annual rail season ticket costing between £8,000 and £9,000.”

Anyone interested in registering their home for the event is asked to contact Andrew Granger and Co.

The deadline for registering properties for the London showcase is Thursday, May 9. Anyone interested in doing so should email sales@andrewgranger.co.uk or phone 01858 431 315.