Work begins on new Desborough skate park

An artist's impression of the skate park.
An artist's impression of the skate park.

Work to build a new multi-wheeled sports facility in Desborough is under way.

The project, which will cost in the region of £125,000, will provide a place for people to practice their jumps and tricks on skateboards, bikes, scooters and more close to the leisure centre.

It was hoped that the park would be open in time for the summer holidays but the town council says this will be delayed because of an illegal encampment of Travellers, who have since been moved.

A Desborough Town Council spokesman said: “We are pleased to announce that the contractors are now on site and are preparing to build the multi-wheeled sports facility over the coming weeks.

“Desborough Town Council has worked very hard with all partners to bring this project forward.

“It is acknowledged that the original timescales now cannot be met.

“This is due to the recent illegal encampments on the site, which was completely out of the town council’s control.”

The spokesman added that a recent survey at the youth centre in Desborough showed that 89 per cent of those who responded said they were excited by the new facility.

Responses included “I really want a good skate park in Desborough to enjoy” and “I really want to see a skate park in Desborough”.

In 2013, the old skate park was demolished because it posed a serious safety risk to users.

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