‘Wildlife disaster’ if estate plan goes ahead

The site residents say is under threat
The site residents say is under threat

A proposed extension to a Market Harborough housing estate would be a disaster for wildlife, local residents say.

Otters, badgers, grass snakes and buzzards will suffer if Harborough District Council allows a 270-home “add-on” to the existing estate being built off Farndon Road, to the south of the town.

The plan would involve the draining of a lagoon (pictured), the destruction of trees and the loss of valuable wildlife habitat, said local residents spokesman Alan Good.

“Otters feed regularly on the lagoon, there’s a large badgers’ sett on the site, grass snakes have been recorded there and buzzards have nested there for the past few years” said Mr Good.

“Valuable and environmentally diverse countryside would be disastrously destroyed if this badly thought-out plan went ahead.”

Nearby residents have already condemned the estate extension as “underhand”, “despicable”, “deceitful” and “morally wrong” in a series of strongly-worded letters to district council planners.

They say they knew nothing about the proposed extension when they bought their own new homes.

The plan proposes to access the extension through streets originally designated as cul-de-sacs, putting 1,000 extra vehicles a day through the existing estate.

The Government’s Environment Agency has also objected to the plan, because developers have not shown how they would prevent the flood plain site from flooding.

The developers behind the proposed 270-home extension is CJC Development Company Ltd and the Pilkington Trust.

Developers say: “The proposals will offer an exciting opportunity for new well-thought-out homes in Market Harborough, where there continues to be a shortage.”