Wild kingfisher gets stuck in Harborough couple’s home

The kingfisher while in the study
The kingfisher while in the study

Colourful kingfishers are now a fairly regular sight on the cleaned-up River Welland through Market Harborough.

But to see one of the beautiful birds inside a house – well that’s almost unheard-of.

Nevertheless, that’s what happened to Chris Etherington, who lives on Coventry Road in the town.

She explained: “A little kingfisher flew into my study last week.

“A man came to measure up for new blinds and opened the windows.

“After he left I closed them not knowing that the kingfisher was in the study.

“It was amazing to see this beautiful bird close up and I thought your readers might like to see the photos I took.”

After a couple of quick snaps, the kingfisher flew off again through the re-opened window.

Chris said: “Although we are pretty close to Welland Park and the river, I was amazed it came in.

“I felt so lucky to see it, I called my husband and sister to look, as very few people get to see a kingfisher,so close!”