WI members dress through the ages for 95th birthday

Illston on the Hill WI has celebrated its 95th birthday
Illston on the Hill WI has celebrated its 95th birthday
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Members of Illston on the Hill WI donned period dress to celebrate the group’s 95th birthday earlier this month.

About 40 guests attended the event, some of them from other nearby WI groups and WI House.

Group member Jane Shute said: “Members of the committee prepared tables and decorations in the morning.

“Members were generous in donating goodies to eat which were arranged on tiered cake stands.

“A display of photographs down the years was displayed, including some from the group’s inception in 1915.

“After tea, group member Rhena introduced the ‘Illston Models’ who were wearing clothes representing what the president wore through the decades of the WI since 1915 finally finishing off with Pat – as the typical WI president - on her bicycle bombing up the hall – not much finesse, but she got there in the end.

“Prior to the party we had Nisha inviting us to laughter yoga – we have some extroverts in our group, so actually the laughter was quite spontaneous and lead by a couple of our more noisy members!”

The national WI organisation has been celebrating its 100th birthday this year with events all over the country.