Why residents say ‘no’ to a Lutterworth pelican crossing here

The proposed site of the pelican crossing
The proposed site of the pelican crossing

A charity shop manager has helped collect a 282-signature petition to object to a pelican crossing in Lutterworth.

The crossing, proposed by Leicestershire County Council, would help local people cross the busy Leicester Road, not far from the junction with Central Avenue (pictured right).

But Lesley Caffrey, who runs the two Bloodwise charity shops in Lutterworth, said the planned crossing is in the wrong position.

She said the crossing - which would be just outside her house - should be much further north, close to the junction with Bill Crane Way.

“The pelican crossing is in the wrong place” she said.

“What needs to happen is the council needs first of all to reduce the speed limit on the Leicester Road.

“This is a built-up residential area, and the speed limit should never have been left as 40mph. It should be 30mph here.

“Then the crossing needs to be close to Bill Crane Way, because that’s the road that goes into the estate and a new estate is going to be built up there.”

She admitted she would find the pelican crossing a nuisance, because it would hamper access to her own drive.

“I might be biased, but it’s not just me personally” she said. “We collected 282 signatures against this pelican crossing in four days.

“About 90 per cent of the people we spoke to are against it being there.

“There needs to be a better traffic management plan for the whole area.”

Builders William Davis Ltd, in negotiation with local councils, have put forward the plan for a pelican crossing as part of their scheme for a new housing estate called Saxon 
Meadow, off Bill Crane Way.

“It’s supposed to help people to cross over to go to work in the industrial units on the east side of the Leicester Road,” said Mrs Caffrey.

“But I went up and down Leicester Road and knocked on doors, speaking to everyone I could.

“No one I spoke to had heard about the crossing or the meeting discussing the installation of the crossing.

“All agreed the road could do with a crossing, but it needs to be either up near Bill Crane Way slowing the traffic down or down near the Waitrose store to allow for people to cross over to go to the doctors or into town.”

A pelican crossing with anti-skid carriageway surfacing and associated street lighting costs in the region of £35,000, according to the county council.

The one proposed for Leicester Road, Lutterworth would also result in a bus stop being moved.

“We hope the council will listen to local people,” said Lesley. “It’s important to get this right.”