Welford referendum asks for approval on future development of village

St Mary's Church, Welford.
St Mary's Church, Welford.

A village is hosting a referendum to find out whether residents support its new Neighbourhood Plan – a document which sets out how future development may occur.

Welford residents will be asked to examine the document before placing their vote at Welford Village Hall on Thursday (September 21) from 7am to 10pm.

Yvonne Dean, of Welford Parish Council, and Dr Paul Brown, from the neighbourhood plan steering group, said: “The plan has had to dovetail into Daventry’s own strategic planning for the area and there has been a lot of input from Tom James and Joanne Christopher in the planning department for which we are grateful.

“Key concerns stated in the plan were limiting development to be around a maximum of 25 new houses which are covered in a policy limiting development to within the village confines. The idea of green buffers around new development was also an important concern. This links with the realisation that Welford is at an important wildlife crossroads in the county.”

If approved, the neighbourhood plan will be consulted on planning applications considered up until the year 2029.

Hard copies of the plan are available in the village hall, post office, The Wharf Inn, and The Lizzy in High Street, as well as online at www.daventrydc.gov.uk/welfordneighbourhoodplan and www.welfordvillage.co.uk/village-plan.html.