Weightloss experience inspires woman to set up her own Harborough group

Liz before and after her weightloss
Liz before and after her weightloss

Before Liz started Slimming World she had fallen into the takeaway trap of thinking that she didn’t have time to cook.

Her food consisted of numerous takeaways and microwave meals. On the days where she did cook she was using jarred curry sauces.

Over the years she piled on the pounds and desperately wanted to be slimmer.

Her best friend inspired her to join. She’d lost loads of weight but was still eating her favourite burgers and chocolate cake.

When Liz quizzed her as to how this was possible she said: "I did it with Slimming World" and explained that it was really easy to do and encouraged her to join.

Liz was worried that she was setting herself up to fail as when she’d tried to lose weight before it had never worked. Seeing how great her friend looked, Liz made the commitment and joined.

Liz couldn’t believe it when her consultant told her about all the food that she could eat without feeling guilty. She helped her create meals in a different way making sure a third of her

plate was ‘speed’ foods to boost her weight loss. She was shocked when she learnt that she was allowed to eat potatoes, rice and pasta.

Like most of us, she used to think that carbs were the enemy and never thought that she’d be able to have cheesy chips daily if she wanted to. Liz learnt that by changing the way she cooked and shopped that no meals were off the menu. Pizza, burgers, chilli chips, curry, lasagne, chicken nuggets, barbeque sauce, chocolate cake, knickerbocker glory ice cream, pancakes and ‘mocktail Pimms’ are just a few of the recipes that she’s learnt with Slimming World.

Liz has said: "As you can probably tell my favourite thing about Slimming World has been the amazing food. It’s been so empowering knowing that no foods are forbidden."

Before she joined Liz did worry that she’d have to count the calories in everything she ate but it’s really not like that.

Basic healthy foods like lean meats, fruits, vegetables, potatoes, pasta and rice you can eat as much of you like without worrying. That’s what she loves about Slimming World as with previous diets she questioned why it should matter how many calories are in a something healthy like a Banana.

Liz has said: "If someone asked me what it was that kept my motivation I would have to say it’s staying to the group experience called Image Therapy.

"You really do feel that everyone in the room is wishing you well and celebrating your weight loss with you.

"With Slimming World you will never be alone with the journey of weight loss as every one of those members is there for you and are going through the same things you are."

Liz lost 3 stone with Slimming World and now feels that she has the power and confidence to do anything that she sets her mind to and this has included becoming a Slimming World consultant.

She wants to host a group that will support anyone wanting to change their future. Liz’s aim is to help as many people as possible to get their confidence back and achieve their weight loss dreams, just like she did.

Liz is relaunching the Little Bowden Primary school group at 79 Scotland Road, Market Harborough, LE16 8AY. The group is Saturday mornings 9.30 am and she will be starting from September 9 2017.