Hottest day for years expected in the Harborough district

Get set for the hottest day for years
Get set for the hottest day for years

Temperatures are set to soar across the Harborough district on Thursday as we head towards the highest temperatures recorded in the county.

The hot weather across the UK is expected to mean temperatures in the Harborough area could hit 35C today with peak temperatures predicted around 4pm to 5pm.

That means the temperature could equal the peak 35C recorded in Leicestershire in July 2015.

However, the hot weather has also caused the Met Office to issue a weather warning covering much of eastern, central and northern England for thunder storms. The warning is in place from 3pm today until 4am tomorrow (Friday). Forecasts currently show the most likely time for rain and thunder is at 1am on Friday.

Elsewhere in the UK temperatures could rise to a record-breaking 39C in London. And the southeast area is expected to be the hottest region.

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The hot weather has been caused by a change in direction of the jet stream winds which are drawing up warm air from Africa across Europe and all the way to Great Britain.